Bel Impex is an importer of exotic products. Mainly vegetables, spices and fruit. We were founded in 1992. With many of the suppliers and customers we started out with, we are still working to this day. We are so pleased with the relationship of trust we have built with them and we are committed to keep that relationship. Bel Impex is a flat organization, so we can switch and adjust quickly. Especially with the personal attention to our customers that we pursue, this is very important.

Custom delivery

We try to meet the demands of our clients in any way they see fit. Contact us so we can see how we can serve you best.

Constant supply

Good and steady supply is a challenge in our industry. We are dependent on our suppliers, transporters and distributors. Many links ensure the constant supply and quality, which takes time and attention. Bel Impex receives products regularly from:

  • Dominican Republic (3 to 4 times weekly by plane)
  • Costa Rica (1 x per week per shipping container)
  • Honduras (2 x monthly per shipping container)
  • Thailand (2 x weekly by plane, 1 x weekly by shipping container)

This way we can always deliver fresh products to our suppliers. Whether it comes to coconuts, cassava or fresh garter.

Cold chain

We guarantee the best quality of our products and do everything to realize this. We work with a continuous system for optimum cooling from producer to consumer.

  1. Refrigerated transport (truck and aircraft ) .
  2. Modeling quality and food safety.
  3. Constant temperature monitoring from producer to consumer.
  4. Monitoring the freshness of the products.
  5. Provide the most suitable packaging for each product .

Discarding is against our principles. We try to limit it to a minimum by fast transport and good storage. In the new building that is going to be easier and better. Products that are not suitable for sale, but are still fresh are donated to the Food Bank.

BeliciousBelicious logo vierkant

You can recognize products supplied by Bel Impex by the Belicious logo. A combination of Bel Impex and delicious. Fresh & fair is how we want to deliver our products.


Bel Impex has FSSC22000 certification. We get annual audits by an external certification agency to maintain it. We are always looking for suppliers that can meet the demands of Global G.A.P.

Read more about our certifications.


Our clients can mail their order or pass it by phone. Whatever works best for them. It can also be ordered through EDI, an ordering system that makes it even easier for vendors, because they can pass their orders 24 hours a day. Please contact us to order our products or to get information on how we can best work together.