This week Ginger!

Ginger is a root crop with a light yellow color. The taste is slightly spicy and sharp. It’s the perfect ingredient for exotic dishes and also very healthy! Fresh ginger is in fact used for numerous medical purposes. So if you want good food and at the same a healthy touch.. Then add ginger to your daily meal or make a fresh cup of sliced ginger tea. Quick, easy and super healthy!


Vary and create. Bon appetit! Njang Swietie!


You can recognize products imported by Bel Impex by the Belicious logo. A combination of Bel Impex and delicious. Fresh & fair is how we want to deliver our products. Our suppliers have the opportunity to build something and we help them by investing in them. This year for example, we increased investments in our suppliers in the Dominican Republic. Therefore, the local farmers were given the opportunity to undergo training that can improve their production. That’s important for them and for us, because in that way we can meet the demands that our customers set.

Bowling competition!

A few more days and you have it; THE bowling competition of the year!At work we are friends, we laugh together and we are a team. But at the bowling alley we are each other’s closest competitors! We give each other a drink purely to bring the other of the wise. We just clap and applaud at the wrong times to distract the opponent and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our buyer Mario van Dam won last year but this time I’ll win it .. hopefully!

New HQ

After a smoothly building project is the completion of our new building a reality! With so optimally cooled workspace is it again a joy to operateEverything in its own storage management, packaging to transportation so that we can act faster! And last but not least .. We are now working with different shifts so five o’clock in the morning until four o’clock in the afternoon you can reach us!