It seems an oversized okra and it’s related to the pumpkin and cucumber. It is also known as teroi or loofah. The taste is a cross between zucchini and cucumber. It is slightly sweet and delicious to smother or bake as a side dish.

Cooking with angled luffa:

Remove the skin with a knife or the tough ‘ridges’ from the outside. The rest of the outside, you can just leave it on, it’s edible . Cut the loofah into slices as you would do with a zucchini and it is ready for use. Leave the seeds inside, you can eat them. Bake it in some sunflower oil with an onion, some garlic and prawns . The slightly sweet, subtle flavor is not overbearing and it takes over the flavors of a dish very well. Delicious as a side dish or as part of a vegetable dish .

Is angled luffa healthy?

It is a natural detox agent and because of the soluble fiber can reduce the cholesterol. It’s also diuretic.


At room temperature you can save it for a couple of days. When you wrap them in paper and put them in the fridge, they remain for a week. Don’t wrap them in plastic.

In The Netherlands you can buy angled luffah at supermarkets and tropical groceries.

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