What is banana leaf ?

These slightly rigid leaves are not intended for consumption but they can make your food a lot tastier and healthier. If you wrap fish in a bananaleaf and steam, bake or grill it, the leaf will give off healthy nutrients that end up in the package. You lose nothing of the contents when you prepare it like this, it retains all the juices and flavor. The leaves gives off a nice and subtle aroma and it looks great too!

Cooking with banana leaf:

You use them the same way as aluminum foil, to cover a fish for example, but also they also work in a steambasket or immediately on the grill. Beware, they are quite vulnerable. It’s best to immerse them in hot water so that they fold slightly more flexible and do not tear.


In the fridge you can keep banana leaf for weeks and you can also put them in the freezer.

In The Netherlands you can buy Belicious bananaleaf at supermarkets and exotic groceries.

Per 100 grams