These bottle-shaped pumpkin with his bulbous belly is truly easy to love. It is easier to cut than the round pumpkin and has a slightly sweeter taste. For children who are not a fan of vegetables, this is a healthy and mild variety to try. You can mashing it after you’ve cooked it in the oven, and with some broth you’ll make a warm, rich soup. Cut in pieces you can make a vegetable stew  or make colored fries. The bright orange color makes each dish cheerful and it’s healthy too. They don’t call it butternut squash for nothing; the taste is rich, buttery and slightly nutty. Don’t discard the seeds, if you rinse them, cooks them and then roast them , you’ll have a great healthy snack or a crunchy addition to your salad.

What is a butternut squash?

A vegetable which is also called gourd or pumpkin. This orange, easy to love, vegetable can be used in many different ways. It tastes slightly sweeter and softer than the round, better known variant. Because of the soft, semisweet taste it is a great vegetable for children who don’t like veggies.

Cooking with butternut squash:

Remove a bit of the top and bottom and cut it in half. Now take away the seeds and the pumpkin is ready for use. You can eat the skin, but if you opt for a short preparation, it is better to remove it with a potato peeler. You can make delicious soups and risotto or give a hearty bite to grilled vegetables. Put it in the oven and let it simmer with, zucchini, peppers, onion and garlic.

Is butternut squash healthy?

Pumpkin is very healthy, it is full of vitamins A, D and B12. Because it contains antioxidants, it is a natural anti-inflammatory.


When the pumpkin is cut, you can put it in foil and keep for five days in the refrigerator. As a whole you can preserve it for two weeks at room temperature. If you slice it to pieces or mash it, you can also freeze it.

In The Netherlands you can buy Belicious butternut squash at supermarkets and exotic groceries.

Belicious Pumpkin Soup Cooking Inflammatory Agent
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