This squash is related to the cucumber and melon. It’s also known as vegetable pear. It has one big seed that is edible. It is originally from Central America and also known as labu siam. The flavor is similar to that of a cucumber, but with slightly more bite. Its’crunchiness makes it perfect for stewing, boiling or baking. But it’s also very delicious to eat it on the run or to use in a salad.

Cooking with chayotes

You can eat them raw, as a healthy snack or in a salad with cucumber for instance. All you have to do is peel it. Don’t throw away the pit, it tastes a bit like almond and lima bean and gives some extra flavor to your dish. In a stir fry or vegetable stew it is also a crunchy addition. The longer you let it simmer, the less crisp it is going to be so try a piece when you are cooking it to see if it has the desired bite.

Are chayotes healthy?

If you suffer from gout, you should put chayote on your menu. The uric acid which causes gout, is processed faster by the substances in this vegetable. Furthermore it lowers the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your blood. It also contains iron, magnesium, fibers and vitamin C.


You can preserve it in the fridge fort wo weeks.

In The Netherlands you can buy vegetable pear at supermarkets and exotic groceries.

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