This is a chili for advanced chili-users;  if you know what to do with it (let it simmer and remove from your dish before you eat it), it is an incredibly tasty seasoning . It is also known as adjuma. This chili is widely used in the South American cuisine. In Mexico they make their spicy chilies with them and they also use it in many salsas. The red habanero is spicier than the yellow, which tastes slightly fruity and is often confused with Madame Jeanette, which is spicier . The yellow habanero also known as Adjuma is much rounder than the Madame Jeanette, which seems a bit shriveled.

What is yellow habanero chili?

Yellow habanero descends from the bell pepper and looks a bit like the small version of it. Be carefull, it’s pretty spicy so a little bit will increase sharpness of your dish drastically. He is slightly fruitier than the red variety that. This habanero is regularly mistaken for the even hotter Madame Jeanette pepper, that looks a bit wrinkly, the habanero is more round. You can process it raw in moderation or let it simmer in a stew for extra flavor what is mostly done in the Surinamese kitchen. Capsium, the substance that makes this spice so hot, hardly dissolves in water, but very good in fat and alcohol. Rinsing with water does not help to take the hot taste away, but milk does. And alcohol, if sufficiently strong, works well.

Cooking with adjuma

You have to take care when you prepare chillies. When you have sliced ​​them and rub your eyes, you can get a burning sensation in your eyes. It is not harmful, but quite uncomfortable. To get it ready for use, remove the stalk and cut the pepper in half lengthwise. Remove the seeds and pith (spiciest). Now, the chili is ready for use. This spicy seasoning are indispensable in fresh sambal, or use it to spice up a stir-fry or marinade. You can let it simmer in a stew and remove it before consuming.

Is fresh chili healthy?

The taste is so hot because it contains capsaicin, which causes your airways will open. That and the fact that it’s full of vitamin C makes it a healthy condiment.


In a cool, dry place you can keep chillies for about a week. They can dry in a little bit after that. You can still use them, but they are slightly less spicy.

In The Netherlands you can buy Belicious adjuma at supermarkets and exotic groceries.

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