This is the thinner little brother of the ‘ordinary’ purple eggplant .Their skin is softer and less tough than other eggplants. Cut them in small disks and let them simmer in a curry for ten minutes. That way they look and taste great!

Cooking with Chinese eggplant:

Because it discolors quickly if you cut it, it’s best to prepare it soon after cutting or leave them in some cold water until you use them. It is nice to stew, bake or cook in a casserole. You can use it instead of a regular eggplant in curries, baba ganoush or ratatouille.

Is Chinese eggplant healthy?

There are a remarkable number of fibers in this vegetable. That helps your body digest food.


You can save the Chinese eggplant for a week at room temperature. In the fridge it gets rubbery  so it’s better not to save them there. Please note that if you buy them, they feel solid and there are no bruises on it.

In The Netherlands you can buy Chinese eggplant at supermarkets and tropical groceries.

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