It’s a stone fruit or drupe, like peach and avocado. It’s not a nut, as the name suggests. It comes from Thailand and has a brown, hard shell. When a coconut is not cut, it has a green peel. Felled coconut, also called the young coconut has been stripped of the green skin and is therefore white. The brown coconut is inside it and has further matured. You can drink the juice straight from the nut and the pulp must be white and firm.

How do you open the coconut?

On the top you see three dark brown circles, two of which look almost the same, with a little edge. The third doesn’t have this edge and is a bit darker; that’s the one you need. If you don’t have a Belicious-opener (see photo) you can use a screw, chopstick, wine opener or something else with a blunt point to push through the hole. Now, you can let the juice run out. After you have filtered it you can drink it, cook with it or use it in a smoothie. If the juice is removed, you can break the coconut easily without making a huge mess. There are two ways to open it:

1: Place the coconut on its side on a cutting board. Now carefully, with the back of a large knife firmly tap on the middle of it. Turn it a bit and give it another tap. Do this until you have gone all around the whole coconut. Gradually there will be a crack that splits the coconut in half. If you want to use the outside of the nut for decoration of your dish (for example, to serve a small salad), this is the best way to open it.

2: If it is not so very important that the outside of the coconut remains intact? Wrap it in a towel and give it a few blows with a hammer.

If it is broken, you can lever the flesh out with a spoon. Throw away the brown, hard shell. The brown film on the pulp is edible, there are lots of fibers in it.

Tip: Put the coconut in the freezer for a couple of minutes before you open it. That way the pulp is easier to remove from the shell.

Cooking with coconut:

Drink the juice, use it in smoothies or add to a dish for a sweet taste. In many curries and other Asian dishes, coconut is an essential ingredient. Make a healthy, refreshing ice cream for the kids (or yourself of course ;-)), a quick smoothie with banana and mango or strawberry. For savory and hot dishes you can use it very well, for example in a rendang and fish curry. Or eat the delicious pulp on the run as a healthy snack.

Is coconut healthy?

Besides being delicious, it is also healthy! The antioxidants are good for your immune system. The saturated fats are a treat for your skin and it’s good for the fluid balance in your body.


The coconut preserves for a week at room temperature.

In the Netherlands you can buy brow coconut at supermarkets and tropical groceries.

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