What are cooked chestnuts?

Marron cuits are chestnuts . After they have fallen of the trees, they are cooked, peeled and vacuum-packed. So you don’t have to do this time-consuming chore yourself. Just open the package and it’s ready for use.

Cooking with cooked chestnuts:

Chestnuts have a pretty sweet taste, but not lavish. Therefore, they are well suited for cakes, creams and desserts. As a side dish you can also use them very well for instance by making a puree or serve them separately alongside meat dishes. Not very common, but surprising and healthy: chestnuts as a snack, on the run.

Are cooked chestnuts healthy?

There is a substance in them that strengthens and cleans your blood vessels. This gives you a better blood circulation. Therefore chestnuts are also recommended for people with varicose veins and rheumatism.


These chestnuts are cooked and therefore very easy and quick to prepare. They are vacuum packed. You can keep them for quite a while. Have you opened the package, then consume within days.

In The Netherlands you can buy cooked chestnuts at supermarkets and exotic groceries.

Belicious Healthy Varicose Veins Rheumatism
Per 100 grams