Coriander or cilantro belongs to the family of Apiaceae. The leaves, stems and seeds are eaten and they are quite different in taste. This case refers to the leaves and stems. They have a very distinctive flavor which can be too aromatic for some people. They find the flavor floral or soapy. In the Asian, North African and South American cuisine it is an indispensable ingredient so it’s definitely worth  to give it a try if you like exotic food.

Cooking with coriander:

You can use both the leaves and the stems. Rinse them shortly and check if there are no yellow or brown leaves, they have already lost their flavor. Cut into small pieces. Cilantro is best added at the last minute to your dish, it will remain fresh and crisp. Sprinkle it over a curry or a green mango salad. Along with ginger, red chili and lemongrass it’s essential in the Tom Kha Kai and most currypastes.

Is coriander healthy?

It’s good for your digestive system. The citronellol in coriander works antibacterial. It causes small wounds and canker sores in your mouth to heal faster and it also works as a breath freshener. Furthermore, it contains substances that ensure the growth of fungus. Your liver is going to work better and it helps you digest food.


You can keep cilantro for a few days in a damp cloth in the refrigerator. At room temperature the leaves turn yellowish. Then they have lost their flavor. If you are going to use it in pastes or curries, you can also freeze it. This is at the expense of the crispness, but certainly not the taste. Handy to have in store!

In The Netherlands you can buy Belicious coriander at supermarkets and tropical groceries.

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