Juruk lime is a citrus fruit and also known as kaffir lime. They look like a coarse lime. The skin is slightly firmer and the flesh is more acidic, but packed with flavor. In Thai cuisine it is mainly the zest that is used in sambal and currypastes. You can also use the zest to give a Gin Tonic more flavor!

Cooking with Juruk lime:

In Boemboes and sambal it’s mainly the peel of the kaffir lime that is used. You can grate it and use the zest as you see fit. Take care that you do not grate the white part of the peel because that is quite bitter. The grating is very easy if you put the juruk in the freezer for 5 minutes before you grate it. The juice is generally used in saladdressings, or as an addition to fruitjuices of smoothies.

Is Juruk lime healthy?

As with many citrus fruits it contains high levels of vitamin C. That and potassium are the main health benefits.


On your fruit bowl the djeroek remains for about a week. Note that you do not put it too close to ripe apples or pears him because it accelerates their ripening.

In The Netherlands you can buy juruk limo at supermarkets and tropical groceries.

Combines well with:

Belicious Fruit Zest Juice Smoothie Vitamin C
Per 100 grams