Lemon Leaves are the shiny leaves from the lime tree. Therefore they are also called djeroek poeroet or kaffir leaves. It gives a lovely fresh sour taste to dishes and is often a secret ingredient in Asian curries or soups. Let them simmer in a dish and remove it before going to eating the dish, it has already released its’ aromas so you can discard them.

Cooking with lime leaf:

They are not very nice to eat, because they are quite tough. It is best to rinse them and add to your dish. Remove them before eating your dish. Two (large) or three (smaller) leaves are enough to give your food that rich tangy flavor.


You can store fresh lemon leaf a few days in the fridge , but you can also freeze a couple of them, then you always have them when you need them.

In The Netherlands you can buy lemon leaf at supermarkets and exotic groceries.

Per 100 grams