Maybe you’ve seen it sometimes; a large bush with long green beans together. That’s garter, also known as long beans. The Caribbean cuisine have long discovered the added value of this vegetable. That’s why you find it in delicious classics as roti and sajoer beans . If you cut them in pieces, they are like green beans, but then a bit firmer and richer in flavor. This makes them ideal for stir frying or processing in an oven dish. They keep their bite and flavor. Also important: they are very healthy and easy to prepare.

What are long beans?

This legume looks like a long stringy haricot. It is also known as garter. It is somewhat spicier and has more crunch than the haricot. You have thick and thin long beans. The preparation is the same, only the thin variant is more flavorful. Therefore it suits the Surinamese cuisine, where it is widely used.

Cooking with garter:

Remove the ends, rinse in cold water and cut into pieces of 4 to 5 centimeters. If you cook them in a layer of water for 15 minutes, they are al dente. You can let them smother in a dish or add to a stir-frie for some crunch. In roti, the famous Surinamese recipe, this vegetable is indispensable. You can also turn them into a tasty side-dish called sajoer beans.

Are long beans healthy?

In addition to vitamin B1 and B6 it also contains also folic acid and potassium. Good for your blood! And, these beans are also very good for your eyes too. They protect against the damage of UV light.


You can store them in your refrigerator for a week or cut them in pieces and freeze them for months. Please note, if you buy them, they must be firm.

In The Netherlands you can buy Belicious long beans at supermarkets and exotic groceries.

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