It is almost impossible to find this palmbushes in the wild. Pandan is also called ‘Vanilla of the East’ because of the subtle sweet flavor that these leaves give off. You can jack them so the flavor releases properly and the green colour is used to give your dish some extra flavor.

Cooking with pandan leaf:

You can just rinse the pandan leaves and they are ready to cook. You can wrap a fish in pandan leaf or bruise them and infuse them in coconut milk. Then you have a base for a light curry. You can also mash them in a mortar and use the remainder to color a cake, for example the famous pandan spekkoek.

Is pandanleaf healthy?

As with many herbs and plants in the tropics, there are all kinds of health benefits attributed to these palm. Pandan is said to reduce inflammation. There is no scientific evidence for it, but generations of people  have used it to their advantage.


Wrapped in plastic, you can preserve them for at least a week in the refrigerator. Take notice of the bright green color and firmness of the leaves when you buy them.

In The Netherlands you can buy pandan leaf at supermarkets and tropical groceries.

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