This healthy legume looks a bit like green almonds . ‘Stinky beans’ they are also called, and the name says it all: their smell is strong. Therefore you only need a few to give a dish, such as fried rice, its distinctive flavor. Because they help your kidneys to work, you can smell in your urine that you’ve eaten them, a good sign! They are packed with protein and you can freeze them easily.

What is peteh bean?

Petehbeans grow as a legume. The beans in the pod, look a bit wrinkly, like green almonds. They have a pretty strong odor, hence the nickname ‘stinky bean’ . But don’t let this stop you to add this fragrant protein bombe to a dish.

Cooking with peteh

The Belicious peteh have been shelled, so you can chop them and add to a dish or paste after you’ve washed them. Usually you use a couple peteh beans in a dish as extra seasoning. In the vegetable dish sajoer lodeh the peteh is very important.

Are petehbeans healthy?

Besides full of protein ,the beans also purifies the blood and is good for your kidneys. Just like asparagus, you can smell it in your urine.


You can keep them for a week in your refrigerator, but these beans are also good for freezing.

In the Netherlands you can buy petehbeans at supermarkets and exotic groceries.

Belicious Stinky Beans Protein Healthy Purifies
Per 100 grams