The plantain is somewhat larger and broader than the ordinary banana. It tastes a lot heartier than the banana that we know. It starts green and becomes more yellow as it ripens. Don’t throw it away when it gets black spots or even becomes completely black , that’s when the sweetness really comes through and you can use it as a dessert. Do not eat it raw, this banana is at its best as a side dish instead of potatoes for example, or as sweet puree as they do on Curacao.

Cooking with yellow plantains:

Before you start using it, you just have to rinse the banana after you have peeled it. You can cook it (about 15 to 20 minutes ), fry it or bake it like you would bake a potato. The skin is not very pleasant to eat. Cut it into slices and fry the chips as a healthy snack!

Is yellow plantain healthy?

It is rich in fibers so it’s good for your bowels. Eat it instead of potatoes and you’ll keep feeling full for longer. It also contains a lot of vitamin C.


The plantain has to feel firm when you buy it. At room temperature it remains eatable for about a week. Don’t put it in the fridge, it’s not resistant to low temperatures. If you want to let it ripe faster, store it in a warm place.

In The Netherlands you can buy yellow plantain at supermarkets and exotic groceries.

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