What is a pumpkin?

This orange easy to love vegetable is also called gourd or squash. Did you know that it is related to cucumber? You might also recognize it as the symbol of the American Halloween festival. Pumpkin is a bit sweet so ideal for children to get used to vegetables.

Cooking with pumpkin:

You can cut the squash into wedges and then remove the peel. The kernels can easily be removed with a spoon. The skin is edible, but if you go for a short preparation, it is better to remove it. If you put it in the oven and let it cook slowly in the shell, remove the seeds and put the leftover pulp and peel in the blender, you already have the base for a delicious hearty soup. This gourd is very versatile; you can make delicious soup, risotto with a bite, give a savory addition to grilled vegetables, cook in the oven and let it simmer with zucchini, peppers, onion and garlic.

Is pumpkin healthy?

It is is very healthy, full of vitamins A, C and E and the antioxidants it contains are natural anti-inflammatory.


If the pumpkin is cut, you can preserve it in de fridge for five days, covered in foil (otherwise it dries).

In The Netherlands you can buy pumpkin at supermarkets and exotic groceries.

Belicious Pumpkin Squash Vitamin A C & E
Per 100 grams