What is salt cured cod?

It is dried and salted cod which is mainly used in the Surinamese kitchen and is also known as bakkeljauw. It’s delicious in dishes such as Herri Heri, Moksi Alesi, Teloh, or as a side dish with various vegetables. You can also put it on a breadroll. The Lufo bakkeljauw is boneless .

Cooking with cured cod:

Before using it you have to desalinate the fish. This is done by boiling the bakkeljauw for 15 minutes in water. Then rinse the fish well and squeeze the left-over water out of it carefully. Check the fish for bones (just to be sure). Make the bigger chunks a small as you can whithout using a food processor, it gets mushy when you use that. Let it drain, squeeze it a little and it is ready for use.


Salting the fish a great way of preserving it. You can keep it in your freezer for months. Check the packaging for the expiring date when you want to keep it in the fridge.

In The Netherlands you can buy salt cured cod at supermarkets and exptic groceries.

Fish Cod Cured
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