A list of ‘tropical leafy vegetables’ has to contain soi sam. Where Dutch vegetables can be a little bitter sometimes, the taste of soi sam really contains the warmth and the sun. It is a veggie with some spice, a little more than the bok choy for example. So if you go stir-frying and you are still looking for a leafy vegetable that is crisp and tasty¬† with a green flavor, you should really give soi sam a try.

What Soi sam ?

Soi sam is a leafy vegetable that is easy to use and tastes a little sweet. It originates from China and is related to bok choy and Chinese cabbage. The taste is a bit like bok choy, but a little sharper. You can both eat the stems and leaves.

Cooking with soi sam:

Just wash the vegetable and it is ready for use. It’s easy and ideal for stir frying or to simmer it.

Is soi sam healthy?

It contains potassium, vitamin C, calcium and iron , it is a very lean vegetable. Tasty and healthy!


In the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator, you can save a soi sam three to four days.

In The Netherlands you can buy soi sam at supermarkets and exotic groceries.

Belicious Salad Steam Fry Healthy Potassium Iron Vitamin C Calcium Lean
Per 100 grams