The Surinamese eggplant is also called boulanger or bhata. It resembles the purple eggplant that we know in The Netherlands. It is slightly thinner and the skin is less purple. In terms of taste, it is not inferior to his Dutch brother. It keeps its bite when you use it in casseroles and vegetable stews. Give it a try instead of the regular eggplant!

Cooking with Surinamese eggplant

Because it discolors quickly it is best best prepare it soon after chopping it, or put it in some cold water for a moment until you start cooking with it. It is nice to let it simmer, fry, bake or cook it in a casserole. You can use it instead of a regular eggplant in dishes like moussaka , baba ganoush and ratatouille. Raw, in a salad, it’s really tastefull.

Is it healthy?

There are a remarkable number of fibers in this vegetable. That helps your body digest food.


You can save the Surinamese eggplant for a week at room temperature. In the refrigerator it gets rubbery.

In The Netherlands you can buy Surinamese eggplant at supermarkets and exotic groceries.

Vegetable Healthy Stir-fry Belicious
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