Turmeric is also known as curcuma or koenjit. It’s a spicy root with yellow/orange color. From the outside it looks very unassuming , but on inside … Curry powder is a spice mix, and what do you think makes this mix yellow? Indeed, the turmeric. Maybe you’ve already eaten turmeric more often than you think! Turmeric has a warmer and heartier flavor than ginger and galangal, whose flavors are  more citrus -like. You can easily freeze it and use it whenever you need it. Cut into slices or chunks and it gives its subtle flavor and powerful color to any dish.

What is turmeric?

This colorful spice is also known as curcuma. It is part of the ginger family and is one of the main ingredients of curry powder. The taste is strong, a little piece is enough to make a rice-dish or stir-fry have that typical mild-hot taste. The yellow root is what Hindus color their hands with during Diwali, the colorful festival of light.

Cooking with turmeric:

Remove the skin and chop finely or grate the root. Beware of your clothes and wash your hands thoroughly after cutting it because the yellow color can stain a bit. You can cut it into slices and let them stew with curry. Or use it in a paste, it tastes great. Although this spice comes from Asia, it is an important component of South African Boboti and Spanish paella.

Is turmeric healthy?

Besides the rich taste turmeric also purifies the blood. There are a lot more health benefits from turmeric, click here to read about it.


At room temperature curcuma remains fresh for a week. In a bag in the refrigerator, you can extend that time by one more week and in the freezer you can preserve it for months.

In the Netherlands you can buy Belicious turmeric at supermarkets and exotic groceries.

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