You can do anything with this tropical drupe! Drill hole in it and drink the sweet juice straight from the nut or make an impressive cocktail with a little rum. On the beaches it is a summer hit, so get a few when you have a barbecue or party. It looks nice and it’s easy too. Rather on the healthy path? With the mild , soft pulp you can cook very well. You can also put the pulp, along with the coconut juice, in a healthy smoothie. For example with some red fruit, lime and mint. Enjoy!

What is a young coconut?

It is a stone fruit, like peach and avocado. Not a nut, as the name suggests. It has a white rind and the pulp is soft.

How to open a coconut:

It’s a little tricky to open, but worth it! You can start by drilling a hole in the skin to get to the coconutjuice. You can drink the juice directly with a straw or let it run out of it. Then you can open the skin further with a tool (see photo) to get to the inside of the fruit. If you have removed the pulp, you have to use it immediately, otherwise it dries.

Cooking with young coconut:

You can drink the juice, use it in smoothies or add to a dish for a sweet taste. The pulp gives a sweet, distinctive flavor. In many curries and other Asian dishes, coconut is an essential ingredient. Make a healthy, refreshing ice cream for the kids (or yourself of course). For savory and hot dishes you can use it very well, for example in a rendang or fish curry.

Is young coconut healthy?

Besides being delicious, it is also healthy! The antioxidant is good for your immune system. The saturated fats are a treat for your skin and it’s good for the fluid balance in your body.


You can presere young coconut for two weeks in the fridge. When buying and storing; check if the bottom is not soft, or orange in color. If so, it is no longer good for consumption.

In The Netherlands you can buy Belicious young coconut at supermarkets and exotic groceries.

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