Fresh & Fair

Import and export not only starts with the transport and supply of exotic products. It starts with the way they are produced and the way we can deliver them. Keeping the origin and the environment in mind. That is what we think is most important: it must be fresh and fair.


We provide a good and steady supply of products:

  • Dominican Republic (3 to 4 times weekly, by plane)
  • Costa Rica (1 x per week by shipping container)
  • Honduras (2 x monthly by shipping container)
  • Thailand (2 x weekly by plane, 1 x monthly by shipping container)

This way we can always deliver fresh products to our suppliers and customers. Whether it comes to coconuts, cassava or fresh garter.


When products are received by us, we check them for quality and freshness. Sometimes we have to disapprove products. These products are given away for a low price or free of charge to our suppliers. Discarding is against our principles unless products really are rotten. Then there is no other option unfortunately. We try to limit waste by fast transport and good storage.


Our suppliers have the opportunity to build something that we like to invest in. This year for example, we increased investments in our suppliers in the Dominican Republic. Therefore, the local farmers were given the opportunity to attend training courses which can improve their products. That’s important to them and to us, because this way we can meet the demands of Global G.A.P. standards.


Bel Impex has the FSSC 22000 certification. We are very proud of that and we are committed to maintaining it. We also work with producers who are Global G.A.P. certified. This way we provide and assure a safe transportation of our products for humans, animals and the environment.

Read more about our certifications.